Blogs, vlogs, and websites related to writers and writing. For personal blogs and social media, please see Swords and Lasers .

Advice and CommentaryEdit

Advanced Fiction Writing Dedicated to teaching novelists organizational, creative, and marketing skills.
Aerogramme Writers' Studio Often posts useful information and advice for aspiring writers.
Auxiliary Memory James W. Harris blogs on writing and science fiction.
Dark Treasury Links to fantasy writing and worldbuilding advice.
Fantastic Maps Tutorials on mapmaking.
GalleyCat Similarly has many writer resources, not specific to SFF.
Helping Writers Become Authors A fighter, a writer, a child of God. K.M. Weiland writes historical and speculative fiction and mentors authors.
Mythic Scribes A platform for new and aspiring authors, as well as a meeting place for writers and fans of the genre.
Novel Conclusions A  former English teacher and copy editor with a lifelong love of reading and writing.
Query Shark   real live agent critiques the query letters of aspiring authors.
StoryFix Write better (tips and techniques).
StoryWonk Offer classes, lectures and editorial services, along with the popular StoryWonk Daily and StoryWonk Sunday podcasts.
WordPlay Geek & Sundry creative writing vlog with Nika Harper.
Worldbuilding Rules! A blog about creating imaginary worlds .
World Literary Cafe General resources about indie publishing, not specific to SFF.
World Weaving Tumblr-based blog about worldbuilding.
Writer's Digest is the one-stop shop for information, resources and writing community. Info on literary agents.

Writers Helping Writers Home of The Bookshelf Muse
Writers Write

South African writers blog. Offers practical, inspiring courses in business and creative writing. Cheat Sheets for Writing Body Language


Brandon Sanderson Brandon Sanderson’s blog
The Creative Penn Website of self-published author Joanna Penn. Useful information for anyone considering the idea of taking the plunge into self-publishing.
Gail Carriger Gail Carriger`s blog
Hugh Howey The blog of Hugh Howey, the author of the Wool series. He is sure to comment on any big news happening in the publishing world and give the perspective of how those choices affect the self-publishing community.
The Independent Author Network A community of authors who are self published or published by a small indie press.Important website for people looking to become independent authors.
Jane Friedman The website and blog of Jane Friedman, a former heavyweight at Writer’s Digest, is packed full of useful resources.
Jim Butcher Jim Butcher`s blog.
Max Gladstone Max Gladstone`s blog.
Neil Gaiman`s Journal Neil Gaiman`s Journal
Not a blog George R. R. Martin`s Live Journal
Patrick Rothfuss Patrick Rothfuss’ blog.
SF and Nonsense Edward M. Lerner`s blog The blog of Robert J. Sawyer includes a large advice section How to Write.
terribleminds NSFW blog from Chuck Wendig: novelist, screenwriter, and game designer.
tracycembor Tracy Cembor does a good weekly link round-up for writing advice.
Whatever Former head of SFWA, John Scalzi is often quick to comment on controversies within the SF/F community and publishing news at large.</span>

Books, Book Reviews, and NewsEdit

101 Books One man on a mission to read 101 books, he posts other interesting writing/reading/publishing things too. A large repository of fan fiction
Smashwords Many self-published books available, many for free. 
Tor/Forge's Blog A blog by Tor publishing house, heavily skewed towards marketing their books, but I like their books so it’s okay. It has a link round-up once a week which can also have some interesting tidbits.
Worlds Without End News site intended to cover the major genre fiction awards. Also has some writer contests, interesting resources, and insightful book reviews.
Writer Beware Shining a bright light into the dark corners of the shadow-world of literary scams, schemes, and pitfalls. Also providing advice for writers, industry news and commentary, and a special focus on the weird and wacky things that happen at the fringes of the publishing world.


750 Words Writing website which encourages you to write 750 words a day. Keeps track of your ongoing streak of days writing 750 words and rewards the writer with badges. Also saves a copy of the writing (always good to have backups) and provides some analytics for the day’s words.
A. Childs's Prompts @promptoftheday Daily prompt on your Twitter feed.
Character Inspiration  Posts pictures of people to inspire characters in your writing.
Figment Daily Themes Original writing prompts emailed to you daily.
Giant Golden Buddha 365 five-minute writing exercises by C.M Mayo.
I dare you to write Take up a dare.
StoryWonk Story Generato Silly, but possibly insightful.
Trifecta Writing Challenge Flash fiction challenge with twice weekly prompts.
Written? Kitten! Feeds you pictures of kittens as you write.